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Thread: kill-markings on rudders of luftwaffe planes?

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    kill-markings on rudders of luftwaffe planes?

    For a research-project I'm doing on a night-fighter model I want to build I have a more general question regarding kill-marks on the rudders of a typical Luftwaffe plane.

    Suppose a pilot serves with a random ZG and achieves one or two victories. After a while this ZG is renamed and turned into a NJG. This same pilot goes on to serve with this newly renamed/formed NJG. Would the rudder of his plane also carry the victories achieved while he was flying for the ZG or just the ones he achieved while flying for the NJG (starting with a clean sheet so to say from the moment the NJG came into being) Any rules/procedures/protocols known that deal with these kind of things? Or perhaps even a rule-of-thumb that these kind of things come with the pilot wherever he served, rather then stay with a particular unit.

    As details on the plane I want to do appear to be quite sketchy (at this point anyway, although I don't know what might yet be unveiled) I'm trying to make a kind of educated guess when it comes down to filling in certain blank spots.

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    The pilot would normally carry over these victories and show their total score, some nightfighter aces used white for day victories and black for Night, there were other variations as well....

    What aircraft/pilot are you looking to do? There WILL be other curious members too....!

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    Thank you Wayne Little!

    I'm looking into the aircraft flown by Ofw. Paul Gildner of 4./NJG.1 in febr/march '41

    A 'dedicated' request summarizing the situation and the kind of data I'm looking for can be found HERE (and also on various other forums)

    Sofar I've found out some details about his plane with the help of people on forums such as these. Most likely it's an all black (early Luftwaffe night fighter scheme) BF-110D or just maybe an early 'E' type. The long tail with dinghy in the back is apparently visible on a picture of a BF-110 with the right fuselage code taken some six month later. Still hoping to find further details about this aircraft though.

    However should no further information be available on his plane I might have to take a step back if you will and try to make an educated guess (by asking maybe some more general questions such as these) as to the specific features that might have been present at the time.

    Speaking of which, is there per chance any visual difference between daytime victories and nighttime victories as far as these kill markings go on a typical early all black nightfighter (it seems rather useless to me to put a black victory marking on a black A/C if you know what I mean)

    I have the excellent Eduard 1/48 kit in mind (still need to decide upon which sub-type though, hopefully based on further technical details on his plane) and I've also tracked down two decal-sets which can be used to piece together the right fuselage code (G9+HM) in the right scale and colour.
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