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Thread: Turbo-compound: when it was 1st used

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    Turbo-compound: when it was 1st used

    Would like to know more about 1st planes/prototypes that used turbo-compound

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    I believe the first Turbo Compounds were used in the DC-7 and later model Lockheed Constellations. The turbo compound was supposed to deliver better fuel efficiency but initally shortened engine life.

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    For testing, I believe the first R-3350 Turbo Compound was flown in 1949 in the nose of a B-17. I can not think of any prototypes right now, unless you count the R-3350 TC powered Yak 11 Air Racer.

    Here is an article that might answer some of your questions:
    Turbo Compounds

    B-17 from

    Yak 11 from (note the angle of attack, Skip Holm was the pilot for this picture I believe):


    I found a prototype, the Stroukoff YC-134. Basically an "improved" C-123:

    Also there was a Martin M-270 which was the XP5M-1 Marlin flying boat prototype that had been reconfigured as a hull design test aircraft.

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