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Thread: Anglo - Dutch translation guide

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    Talking Anglo - Dutch translation guide

    A colleague of mine is doing an English course. She got a document that proves that even if you speak the language, a dutchman will never understand the british

    British say: I hear what you say
    British mean: I disagree and don't want to discuss it any further
    Dutch understand: He accepts my point of view

    British say: With the greatest respect...
    British mean: I think you are a fool
    Dutch understand: He's listening to me

    British say: That's not bad
    British mean: That's very good
    Dutch understand: That's poor or mediocre

    British say: Quite good
    British mean: A bit disappointing
    Dutch understand: Quite good

    British say: I would suggest...
    British mean: Do it or be prepared to justify yourself
    Dutch understand: Think about the idea but do what you like

    British say: Oh, by the way...
    British mean: The primary purpose of this discussion is..
    Dutch understand: This is not very important

    British say: I was a bit disappointed that...
    British mean: I'm most upset and cross
    Dutch understand: It doesn't really matter...

    British say: Very interesting..
    British mean: I don't believe you...
    Dutch understand: They are impressed

    British say: I'll bear it in mind
    British mean: I will do nothing about it
    Dutch understand: They will probably do it

    British say: I'm sure it's my fault
    British mean: It's your fault!
    Dutch understand: It was their fault!

    British say: That's an original point of view
    British mean: You're an idiot
    Dutch understand: They like my ideas!

    British say: You'll get there eventually
    British mean: You don't stand a chance in hell
    Dutch Understand: Keep on trying, for they agree I'm on the right track

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