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Thread: Canopy Design

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    Also the Galland hood offers pretty good visibility with that narrow fuselage, and it was a fairly simple conversion from the older canopy design. And due to the small fuselage there isn't much space to cut away decking for a bubble canopy, meaning that the added view wouldn't be much better than with the Galland hood. A sliding canopy has other advantages over the hinged on though.

    Plus the pilots field of vision is also limited by how far he can turn and look over his shoulder anyway, without a mirror. (usually limited to something like 280-300 degrees) Granted another advantage of the bubble canopy would be the internal mounted mirror. (otherwise necessitating an external mirror which added drag)

    Plus buzzard's original comment was on the delay in implementing the Galland hood, the "crappy canopy" being the older one.
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