The Caproni Ca.60 Noviplano was a nine-wing flying boat intended to be a prototype for a 100-passenger trans-atlantic airliner. It featured eight engines and three sets of triple wings. Two pontoons, mounted on each side, were intended to give the aircraft stability. Only one example of this aircraft was built by Caproni. The prototype only made one short flight on 4 March 1921 over Lake Maggiore in Italy. The aircraft attained an altitude of only 18 m (60 ft), then dove and crashed, breaking up on impact. The pilot escaped unscathed. Caproni had the wrecked airplane towed to shore, and announced that he would rebuild it, but that night it burned to ashes.] General characteristics Crew: 8 Capacity: 100 passengers Length: 23.45 m (77 ft) Wingspan: 30.0 m (98 ft 5 in) Height: 9.15 m (30 ft) Loaded weight: 26,000 kg (55,100 lb) Powerplant: 8 × Liberty L-12 liquid-cooled V12 engines, 298 kW (400 hp) each Performance Cruise speed: 130 km/h (70 kn, 80 mph) Range: 660 km (360 nmi, 410 mi) Power/mass: 11 W/kg (0.0070 hp/lb)

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