Qaher F-313 cutaway, The Iranian stealth fighter ground-attack using the ground effect or "WIG" for its acronym in English, this controversial Iranian project, sometimes caused much hilarity at the temerity to present as a royal hunting what was actually his "Mockup" but going to analyze it this many similarities with the "Bird of Prey" U.S. of the fact that its benefits were not very high despite its forms and advanced lines, as Iranian project that can also be constructed in two pieces that would make up fuselage and wings, as does the Bird of Prey, mentioned in press releases and other websites appearing in their flight ground effect or WIG, the same as flying the "Ekranoplanes" this capacity along with its forms "Stealth" would make it difficult to detect until it is too late for an enemy ship, hence it only takes a small jet engine that is speculation it will be a General Electric J85 copied and produced locally without license, flight mode "Ground effect" requires very little power since it is facilitated by the proximity of the surface, this in turn requires much more power for flight height being in currently more inefficient from the point of view of theory by increased drag, requiring more power, in this case will be helped thanks to its very long and "aerodynamic". Doubts arise that can carry weapons, its scope, guidance systems, radar, electronic warfare equipment and a long list of questions that haunt me at the time of writing "Schematic Court" merely speculative in many areas but incorporating the few known elements of it, such as the J85 engine, landing gear, cockpit, ejection seat, gates and general forms, it will continue to evolve as we learn more details Qaher F-313, Copyright Motocar

Motocar, Aug 2, 2013
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