McDonnell F-101B / F "Voodoo" cutaway interceptor designed in 1954, proposed initially rejected by the USAF decided to buy more North American F-86D "Sabre" but revised the proposal to the possibility that the Convair F-102 did not meet the expectations from the interceptor delta, however once applied problems were immediate and the F-101A did not quite convince this from united engine problems and the inability to make turns with loads greater than 6 "G's" , saving the game again came the need for a long-range fighter cover remote areas where there was no ground radar coverage, it became necessary for the conversion of training seater versions fighters with radar operator located in the back seat between arms proposals were the AIM-4 "Falcon" with the exceptional and unique missile warhead AIR-2A "Genie" but fixed armament was removed four 20mm cannon, could also bring a bomb load of 2,000 pounds although this was not its main mission, new higher-capacity auxiliary tanks installed under the fuselage, with improved engines, was in service until the year 82 with the U.S. National Guard and the Canadian Air Force to 1986 when it was replaced by the McDonnell Douglas F-18A / B happened to fulfill the tasks of this interceptor that despite never entirely convincing their operators remained in service for a long period of over 25 years, author Aviagraphica, taken from the web crimso.msk, ru and modified by Motocar to recreate the McDonnell F-101B /

Motocar, Aug 2, 2013
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