This is the Westland-built Cierva-Lepère C.L.20 direct-control cabin Autogiro. It was a side-by-side cabin two-seater with direct control started in August 1934, especially designed to use the new 90 hp Pobjoy S Niagara III engine. First flown on February 4, 1935 by Cierva himself and Alan Marsh, the C.L.20 proved to be underpowered and deficient in lift but was pleasant to fly despite oversensitive lateral control. Construction of six production aircraft was started in March 1935 but not completed; Lepère's plans to market the type backfired, and the prototype was scrapped in 1938 Westland CL 20, Cierva Autogiro, 1934 Only this prototype of the 1934 two seat Westland CL 20 gyroplane was built for Cierva and Le Pere, though a big market had been expected despite an initial dissapointing performance. Development was abandoned because of production pressure for military aircraft.

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