Hero of the Soviet Union's Guard lieutenant Natalia Meklin (Keys) Guard lieutenant Natalia Fyodorovna Meklin (Keys) (1922-2005)-Senior Airman 46 1st guards night bomber Aviation Regiment, 325 7th night bomber aviation Division 4 3rd air army 2 1st Belarusian front. The Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR from February 23, 1945, for the exemplary combat jobs command and displayed courage and heroism in the battle with the German fascist invaders Guard lieutenant Meklin Natalia Fyodorovna with a rank of the hero of the Soviet Union with the awarding of the order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" (# 4855). Text of premium sheet (TSAMO, 33, 793756, 31): Guard lieutenant Meklin during fighting against the German invaders made 840 combat aircraft departures on the plane-2 with combat hours flown 1120 m. Is of a general strike 1450 m. Night RAID 1200 m. Dropped to destroy motomehčastej and manpower enemy 132 tons of bombing. As a result, accurate bombing in the infiltrator was 178 strong explosions, 162 of the fire. Destroyed and damaged an enemy crossing, 2 3 artbatarei, 3 1 spotlight, machine-gun point over infantry battalion. Enemy troops scattered 800 thousand leaflets. The result is far incomplete data, only what was posted. Tov. Meklin is the most active participant of Defense of the Northern Caucasus, the defeat of the Germans in the Kuban, the Taman peninsula, Crimea peninsula and in Belarus. Neŝadâ its forces and life itself. Meklin takes a very active part in the defeat of the German invaders in Poland. Is a bold fearless Aviator. It horrifies or firing anti-aircraft artillery or enemy searchlights towards the goal. All my strength, all his martial skill gives excellent performance of combat tasks. In the tense days of battle. Meklin produces on 9-10 combat aircraft departures. The effectiveness of bombing is high. All of its combat work served as a model for all personnel. Best nights were:- On the night of November 5, 1942, bombed enemy troops build-up in paragraph Digora. As a result, accurate bombing was caused by a strong Center of fire, which confirms the future crew of the guard. Lieutenant Popova. On the night of February 10, 1943 Bombilla on moving enemy forces from Popovičeskaâ. Accurate bombing exercises by 2 powerful explosion. Subsequent crews guard St. Lieutenant Parfenovoj and guard Gen. Nikulinoj confirm that the machine exploded ammunition. On the night of March 10, 1943, destroyed equipment and troops of the enemy at Crimean. As a result of the accurate bombing was a hotbed of fire that continued to burn within one and a half hours. Data confirm guard Jr. Lieutenant Kluyev, Guard art. Lieutenant Popov. On the night of January 22, 1944, bombed on strongholds and manpower enemy in Kerch. Has made 7 sorties. In spite of heavy flak and enemy searchlights. Meklin skilful manoeuvre achieved the goal, has made the bombing, which was caused by a strong Center of fire, as confirmed by subsequent crews guard of Lieutenant Klepkovoj and guard Jr. Lieutenant Pavlova. On the night of February 9, 1944 produced bombing on accumulation motomehčastej and manpower enemy in paragraph Turkmen′. Accurate bombing was caused by strong blast with 2 pockets of fire, as evidenced by Lieutenant Aronovoj and crew, guard guard St. Lieutenant Gelman. On the night of May 11, 1944, destroyed by retreating enemy troops in the Bay of Kamyševatoj. Despite the heavy barrage of enemy fire. Meklin skilful manoeuvring bypassing anti-aircraft searchlights reached tčki and the intended target had made the bombing, which was caused by the explosion, subsequent 2 strong crews guard of Lieutenant Troparevskoj and guard St. Lieutenant Parfenovoj confirm that the exploding ammunition. On the night of June 22, 1944, bombed by enemy troops in paragraph skolpleniû Fallows. As a result of the bombing was the result of 3 powerful explosion, subsequent crews guard Gen. Nikulinoj and guard St. Lieutenant Popova confirm that exploding machines with ammunition. On the night of October 7, 1944, bombed enemy troops build-up in Las and Maków. As a result of the bombing was the result of 2 heavy fire, subsequent crews guard of Lieutenant Sebrovoj and guard St. Lieutenant Her confirm that burned cars with fuel. On the night of October 13, 1944 destroyed enemy forces in paragraph Maków and road from a point. The night has 9 armed sorties. As a result of the bombing had caused the blast with 2 strong thick black smoke and flames. The result confirmed crews guard of Lieutenant Troparevskoj and guard Lieutenant Žigulenko. For exemplary performance of combat tasks command on the front against the German invaders, personally made combat aircraft departures flight 840-2 high efficiency shown by the courage the courage and heroic deed Guard lieutenant Meklin was assigned the title "hero of the Soviet Union. The Commander of the Guards guard Gen. 46 NBAKTP Beršanskaâ Natalya Fyodorovna Meklin née Kravtsova (Russian: Наталья Фёдоровна Меклин, Ukrainian: Наталія Фёдорiвна Меклин; 1922–2005) was a much decorated World War II combat pilot in one of the three women-only Soviet air regiments. They were nicknamed the 'Night Witches' by their German opponents. She was born on September 8, 1922, in Lubny, Ukraine. In 1940 she joined the glider school at the Kiev Young Pioneer Palace. When she was 19, in 1942 she joined the Night Witches, piloting a Polikarpov Po-2 light bomber, and by the end of the war had flown 980 night missions. In 1953 she graduated from the Military Institute of Foreign Languages.[1] Subsequently she worked as a translator before retiring. She became a member of the Union of Soviet Writers. It is rewarded with the Order of Lenin, with three, with Orders of the Patriotic War of the 1st and 2nd degrees, of the Red Star, with medals. Several schools are named after her in Smolensk, Poltava, Stavropol' and other cities. She was entitled honorable citizen of the city of Gdansk (Poland). She died in Moscow on 5 June 2005.[2]

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