AT A GLANCE: On July 2, 1900 the first rigid dirigible (zeppelin) made its maiden flight. It carried five persons; it attained an altitude of 1300 ft and flew a distance of 3.75 miles in 17 minutes. The success of this and future military and civilian Zeppelins were to have a lasting effect on airpower strategists and Ferdinand Graf Zeppelin will always be remembered for the graceful mammoths of the sky which he pioneered. PAGE CONTENTS THE STORY RELATED INFO BOOKS VIDEOS WEB SITES QUOTATIONS DID YOU KNOW? Inventor: Ferdinand Adolf August Heinrich von Zeppelin, (Count) Criteria: First to patent. First practical. Entrepreneur. Birth: July 8, 1838 in Konstanz, Baden, Germany Death: March 8, 1917 in Berlin, Germany Nationality: German Invention: dirigible, rigid Function: noun / dir·i·gi·ble Definition: A large dirigible balloon consisting of a long, cylindrical, covered framework containing compartments or cells filled with gas, and of various structures for holding the engines, passengers, etc. Patent: 621,195 (US) issued March 14, 1899 Milestones: 1838 Ferdinand von Zeppelin born in Konstanz, Baden, Germany 1858 After Ludwigsburg Military Academy and University of Tübingen he enters the Prussian Army 1863 Assigned to America during the U.S. Civil War, flies balloon for first time 1864 Returns to Germany with a keen interest in human flight 1869 Marries Isaballa Freiin von Wolff, who bears him a child ten years later 1887 Ppblished a comprehensive plan for a civil air transportation system 1891 Retires from the Prussian Army as a brigadier general 1897 Zeppelin files U.S. patent application for a Navigable Balloon 1899 Zeppelin awarded patent for Navigable balloon 1900 On July 2, first rigid dirig8ble (zeppelin) flies carring five passangers a distance of 3,75 miles 1908 A zeppelin airship provided the first commercial air service for passengers 1917 Zeppelin died on March 6, in Berlin Germany CAPS:Zeppelin, Ferdinand von Zeppelin, Ferdinand Adolf August Heinrich von Zeppelin, Graf Zeppelin, Ferdinand Graf Zeppelin, Hugo Eckener, ARY, zeppelin, dirigible, rigid dirigible, airship, navigable balloon, SIP, history, biography, inventor, invention

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