Cutaway J-6/MiG-19 Shenyang to date are only two cuts schematic of this important game of the Cold War, took place in the Soviet Union and China, the latter could appreciate many of its virtues will soon demonstrate their importance in combat over Vietnam, where the weight / power especially important charge resulting in a short turning radius and maneuverability unmatched until the entry into service of much more advanced aircraft, deemed obsolete quickly in the USSR and substituting in the production line by the more advanced MiG-21 license to manufacture and deliver to China he saw in this game the opportunity to access the supersonic combat flight in a light fighter with two engines and strong aflechamiento, (later developed his own version of the fighter-attack ground the Q-5 'Fantan'), initially armed with two powerful 30mm cannons in the wing roots, then the USSR would be armed with AA-1 missiles "Arkali" radar guidance and then by the simplest AA-2 "Atoll" Infrared guide, copy the ubiquitous AIM-9B "Sidewinder" weapons that complement, participated in the Six-Day War without success but also its qualities were appreciated in this theater while Egypt purchased more units in China it remained in service well into the eighties when planes were more advanced F-16 and Mirage 2000, serving in many nations Africa, Asia to Latin America was the only user of the Revolutionary Air Force operated Cuba that some squadrons provided by the Soviet Union in the most critical moments of the Cold War, as was the missile crisis in Cuba, this cutaway was made ​​in China by artists Chen, and Wang Yingming, Quinying Back in 1985, seems to me to be about on the basis of work already known WEAL the same plane now colored and contain more detail and precision, including all the new weapons built by the Chinese, free-fall bombs multiple rocket launchers and missiles AA-2 "Atoll" detail is not shown separately with Martin Baker ejection seat installed on Chinese models in the eighties, accompanied by their respective infografia in Chinese characters, taken from the Forum

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