He was born at Hokkaidō, Japan. He moved with his family at his age of two and grew up at Tomarioru prairie in Karafuto(Sakhalin). He enlisted in the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) at January 10, 1940 as an aircraft mechanic, then selected as a Hei-shu Hiko Yoka Renshu Sei (C-class Flight Reserve Trainee) in April 1941. This C-class "Yokaren" course was for seamen and naval non-commissioned officers already in the navy. He completed a pilot training course in March 1942. He then became a Flyer / 1st Class fighter pilot of 'The 6th Air Group' at IJN Kisarazu Air Base, Japan. He arrived Fortress Rabaul on October 7, 1942 as a member of 'The 6th Air Group', which was under the command of The 26th Air Flotilla in South East Division Air Fleet (including the 11th Air Fleet). The 6th Air Group was soon renamed as The 204th Air Group on November 1, 1942. He was one of the escort fighter pilots of the Yamamoto's visit IJN Ballale Base on April 18, 1943. He was injured and lost his right hand on a subsequent mission to Russell Islands, near Guadalcanal, in June 1943. He returned to homeland Japan in June 1943.
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