Nakajima C6N Saiun

The Nakajima C6N Saiun ('Coloured Cloud') was a carrier-based reconnaissance aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service in World War II. Advanced for its time, it was the fastest carrier-based aircraft put into service by Japan during the war. The Allied reporting name was Myrt. Although designed for carrier use, by the time it entered service in September 1944, there were few carriers left for it to operate from, so most were used from land bases. Its speed was exemplified by a famous telegraph sent after a successful mission: 'No Grummans can catch us.' The topspeed of the Grumman F6F Hellcat was indeed of the same level, so overtaking a Sauin was out of the question. Despite its speed and performance, on 15 August 1945, a C6N1 was the last aircraft to be shot down in World War II. Just five minutes later, the war was over and all Japanese aircraft were grounded. Info: Wikipedia Profile: Wings Palette

Nakajima C6N  Saiun
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