Northrop N-102 Fang

Northrop N-102 Cutaway "Fang" , multi-role light fighter proposed by the firm to the USAF, this futuristic-looking aircraft was to be powered by a General Electric J-79 was a delta design with tail surfaces and making ventral air, an interesting detail was that the engine could be removed by simply removing the covers under the fuselage and then serve or replace the engine in no time, your air intake ramps to control the boundary layer and waves Shock gave him supersonic flight characteristics, his nose was hinged forward like the windshield to improve accessibility and service, was to serve as pure interceptor, which would count mission for up to 6 AIM-4 Falcon missile guidance radar of infrared or missiles or AIM-9B Sidewinder guided only by heat, also would have a General Electric GAU cannon of 20 mm or 20 mm single barrel, another proposal was the deployment of an unguided rocket launcher from the back the cockpit and small diameter to be fired in salvos (the style of the Lockheed F-94, North American F-86D, Northrop F-89) to be sweeping the air to the Soviet intercontinental nuclear bomber, by saturation area, could also be used as tactical bombers at low altitude (Hi-Lo-Hi) with its load of 4 pumps and two auxiliary fuel tanks, constructed a scale model of which were displayed all the ideas and systems that would incorporated without obtaining successful than their predicted promoters and designers, seeing this project we can say that in retrospect may have been a game of great value to the USAF and its allies, departed from the model complex and heavy fighters had great difficulty in the skies of Southeast Asia to face the small, lightweight and economical MiG 17, 19 and 21, these lessons were quickly learned and corrected with applications for the USAF for a light and simple hunting for more and better maneuverability as General Dynamics F-16 air superiority and the McDonnell Douglas F-15, both still in service in large numbers. This cutaway is a free recreation developed by motorcar the N-102 "Fang" cutaways based on several donors, including the Convair F-102 Delta Dagger, F-104 Starfighter Lockheed and Grumman F11F-1 Tiger by Mike Bacdroke.

Northrop N-102 Fang
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