Petlyakov Pe-2

The Petlyakov Pe-2 was a Russian light bomber and dive-bomber. The crew of three (pilot, bombardier and air-gunner) sat under a long glazed canopy with 9mm armour protection. Initial armament consisted of two fixed 7.62mm ShKAS guns in the nose, one in the dorsal station, and a fourth in the ventral aimed by a 120° vision periscope. The M-105R engines drove three-bladed VISh-61 propellers. The aircraft proved to be fast, highly manoeuvrable, but was guite demanding to novice pilots under asymmetric conditions. Late in 1942 came the improved Pe-2FT with 940kW Klimov M-105PF engines, and a 12.7mm UBT machine-gun in a dorsal turret. The Pe-2I and Pe-2M were fighter-bombers, powered by 1208kW VK- 107A engines. The reconnaissance version was the Pe-2R, whilst a dual-control trainer was termed the Pe-2UT. Pe-2s contributed to the victories of the Soviet winter offensive of 1941-2, and saw distinguished service in every major Soviet campaign from 1941 to 1945. Source: Info: Aviastar Virtual Museum Profile: Aircraft Of World War 2 Published by Octopus Books Ltd.

Petlyakov Pe-2
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