Sukhoi Su-1 & Su-3

Sukhoi Su-1 was a prototype Soviet high-altitude fighter aircraft built at the beginning of World War II. An improved version, designated Su-3, was also built and tested the following year. Neither version was mass produced. The second Su-1 prototype, built as the Su-3, differed in having a revised wing section with wing area reduced to 17 m² (183 ft²). Completed in 1941, the Su-3 demonstrated better performance than the Su-1, but suffered from continuing problems with the TK-2 turbochargers. Further development was cancelled on 16 April 1941, when production of reliable TK-2 turbo-chargers was delayed. The fate of the two prototype aircraft is uncertain. According to some reports, the Su-1 was destroyed during the bombing of a train near Novosibirsk, while the Su-3 was destroyed within the city of Novosibirk during the Great Patriotic War. Info: Wikipedia Profile: Spafi

Sukhoi Su-1 & Su-3
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