Supermarine Seafang

The Seafang was a navalised Spiteful, developed to Specification N.5/45, and a contract was placed for two prototypes and 150 series aircraft. A Spiteful F Mk 15 with a "sting"-type arrester hook was tested early in 1945, and the Seafang prototypes flew in the following year. One of these represented the production Seafang F Mk 31 with Griffon 61 engine and a long-stroke undercarriage, but non-folding wings. The othet represented the Seafang F Mk 32 with a Griffon 89 engine with contraprop, and upward-folding wings. With the advent of jet-powered aircaft, all development and production of the Seafang was cancelled. Info: Aviastar Profile: Nag's Gallery

Supermarine Seafang
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