Supermarine Seafire L.Mk.III

Shown here is Seafire L.Mk.III, K-O, (NM998) of No.899 Sqd lifts of from the deck of HMS Khedive, carrying a 227 kg (500 lb) bomb during Operation 'Dragoon'. Taken from Allied Escort Carriers of World War Two in Action.

Supermarine Seafire L.Mk.III
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    • Hobilar
      The most numerous version of the Seafire (1,220 Mk.IIIs built), the Seafire III was supplied with Double-folding wings, and was powered by a 1,585-hp Merlin 55M engine. Withdrawn from front-line service after the Korean War, the Seafire would nevertheless continue in service with Reserve and Training units until 1957.
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