Topol-M Launch

In December 1997 after four test launches, the first two Topol-M systems were put on a trial alert with the Tatischevo Taman Division in the Saratov region. By late July 1998 two more Topol-M launch sites had been completed and were awaiting acceptance trials. Russia put a regiment of 10 Topol-M missiles on duty in 1998 by which the Strategic Rocket Forces had carried out 6 successful test launches. A second regiment of another 10 missiles entered service in December 1999. A third regiment, of 10 Topol-M missiles was deployed in 2000. On October 2002 strategic missile troops also fired an SS-27 land-based missile from the Plesetsk training launch site. That missile landed at the Kamchatka impact range. The Topol-M missile system is still being commissioned in the Russian strategic nuclear forces' grouping regardless of whether heavy missiles stand down from combat alert duty or not. The Topol-M ICBM grouping is intended to will comprise an equal number of mobile and silo-launched missiles.

Topol-M Launch
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