Focke-Wulf P VIIausFocke-Wulf P. VII racer Type: Fighter plane Draft country: Deutsches Reich NS Empire Manufacturer: Focke-Wulf First flight: not flown No. of items: A mock-up The Focke-Wulf P. VII "runabout" was to design a fighter with a hybrid drive of the Focke-Wulf Flugzeugbau AG . The name of the project varies in the literature, sometimes also P. VI uses. [1] described Focke-Wulf himself all "flyers" designs only as TL-hunters . [2] The draft project on the P. IV (designation system after [1] )-based work on the P. VII were largely completed in March 1944 and led to the creation of a dummy made ​​of wood. In addition to the jet engine was starting to support the use of an additional rocket engine ( Walter HWK 109-509 ) provided. The air inlet of the main engine was changed from the P. IV and was moved in both wing roots, the interpretation that strongly reminded of the approximately the same time in England developed de Havilland DH100 Vampire. The Reich Air Ministry showed little interest in the draft. Focke-Wulf turned so strongly advanced the project Ta 183 "Huckebein" to the draft P. VI (designation according to [3] ) used as the base. Specifications [ Edit ]Parameter Data (as of 15 September 1944) Crew 1 pilot Length 10.55 m Wingspan 8.00 m at 32 ° sweep Wing area 17.00 m² Height 2.35 m Empty weight 2730 kg Off mass 4350 kg Weapons 2 x MK 103 or 2 × MK 108 in the bow and 2 × MG 151/20 in each wing Engine 1 × Heinkel HeS 011 and 1 × liquid rocket engine Walter HWK 109-509A Top speed 955 km / h Travel speed - Range - Service ceiling 13 800 m Maximum flight duration 1 h 50 min

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