Yakolev Yak-38U "Forger"

Yakovlev Yak-38U "Forger" training version VTOL fighter Soviet control to the complexities of this new type of aircraft it was necessary to build a training version of it, in the necessary changes increase the length of the fuselage in front to add a new cabin on a lower position for the student and a slightly higher with the instructor, who must train the candidate in the difficult capabilities of this newest machine, the engine was a LF21 Lyurka without afterburner and two nozzles vectorizables attached to two engines thrust to the rear to provide adequate buoyancy during takeoff and landing maneuvers, his short delta wings were folded and had four hard points between them, could carry air tanks or missiles auxiliary air initially the AA- Atoll and later two AA-8 Aphid, both infrared guidance, complemented with a small load of bombs or unguided rocket launchers attached to a container with a 23mm twin tube ca├▒onGSh stops taques surface, these fighters were go on board the new ship class helicopter carrier class "Kiev", but large number of them operated from land bases during the tuning tests were deployed on ships above the Mediterranean theater against Libya where they were lacking in power for takeoff at maximum weight, the problem was that their engines did not react well to hot environments were also tested some in Afghanistan since the start of the invasion to try them in combat, again were unable to take off at maximum load for hot conditions and elevation, early reports the company took Yakovlev and improve deficiencies search engines which were not corrected with some very unorthodox solutions, unfortunately the fall of the Soviet Union the lack of capacity of the company in delivering spare parts and condemned them to a premature retirement, as happened with class helicopter carrier "Kiev" that were written off, (then one would be sold to India and become an aircraft carrier with ramp type "Sky Jump" and oblique track for takeoff and landing conventional fixed wing aircraft, previously discussed in the topic the Yak-38 but now it is in a modification with a larger format and recreating the version Yak-38U only VTOL fighter that entered service in addition to the already known Harrier original author and modified by Motocar Aviagraphica to recreate this machine

Yakolev Yak-38U "Forger"
Motocar, Aug 2, 2013
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