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May 17, 2013
    1. 69TA
      JFYI,i am a forum member on several international forum boards since the the late 90s , mainly car and racing related. I have NEVER recieved a warning of any kind from a moderator or forums administrator. And I have NOT recieved a warning from a moderator on this board either! Perceptions of attitude may differ. I have read this board for about two years and seen all of the conflicts. I agree that is really tiresome.Now, you had NO reason to jump at me for anything. I asked you a simple question IN GOOD FAITH !!! And you react with a big public FART. I feel sorry for you!
    2. Aozora
      Why I don't like your attitude: members of this forum are entitled to post documents, information and material from websites in good faith, without having the authenticity, or provenance being questioned unless there are compelling reasons to believe that the material isn't cocher. A compelling reason could be that someone else has seen the original document/material and knows and can prove that the one presented is faked.

      Why Good faith? Because long experience has shown that otherwise interesting and informative threads rapidly deteriorate into bitter, angry arguments over the authenticity of all such material as soon as someone starts questioning its "authenticity and provenance": with the large numbers of knowledgeable and informed people on this forum, altering or presenting a bogus document is risky, because chances are someone will have accessed the original. You have been warned by a moderator to show more respect for other people's information - take his advice.
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    "I DonĀ“t Have An Attitude Problem. You Have A Perception Problem"
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