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    Sightseeing tour Rome. Vatican museums tour. Sistine chapel tour

    Rome - the Eternal City where conduct all roads. One of the most visited cities of the world!

    Rome is very old and forever young. He saw blossoming and falling of one of the greatest civilizations of the earth.

    the Sightseeing tour Rome fully give the chance to see all its beauty, completeness, grace and harmony!

    Palaces and the Vatican museums tour — great treasures of the small state, fine, not usual in every respect.

    Everyone will see here and will find that remains in memory for the rest of life.

    Sightseeing tour Rome, the Vatican museums tour, were always the conductor in the past and the present, opportunity to see, experience, touch eternity..

    Decoration of Rome are not only majestic temples, but also magnificent palaces. Royal families or heads of states, high dignitaries or bishops lived.

    Visiting Rome Sightseeing tour Rome, Sistine chapel tour you will see a large number of Christian churches, cathedrals and basilicas very beautiful and majestic.

    On which creation great masters of the time worked: Bernini, Borromini, Michelangelo, Domenika Fontana and other outstanding architects.

    Vatican museums tour, Sistine chapel tour also include visit of a cathedral of the apostle Peter.

    Cathedral of the apostle Peter - the huge Christian cathedral constructed in honor of the apostle on a place of its martyr death in which its relics rest.

    The area of St. Peter's Cathedral the best-known in the world - represents the largest architectural complex created by ingenious Bernini.

    Private guide in Rome, Sightseeing tour Rome will lead you without turn to this majestic and fine cathedral.

    Palaces and the Vatican museums tour — great treasures of the small state, fine, not usual in every respect.

    Everyone will see here and will find that remains in memory for the rest of life.

    The Guide in Rome, will show you "great treasures" of the museums, Borgia's apartments, the Sistine chapel tour, Nikolin's chapel, Stantsa Raphael, Gallery of maps, Gallery of Arazzi and many other things.

    For all history of the existence Rome left material certificates of life, life, culture of people.

    It is possible to see all this in the museums of Rome.

    The Capitoline museum, Vatican museums tour, Nuovo's Palace, Palace of Konservatori, the Museum of Rome — is in Braski's palace in historic center of the city about Navon Square. Barberini's palace, Gallery to Borgeza.

    The Guide in Rome will carry out and will show you these and many other museums in Rome.

    Water — is more expensive than gold. Governors perfectly understood it and put gold in construction of water supply systems. Water in the Eternal city — is the bewitching noise streaming, the falling water from magnificent fountains.

    Sightseeing tour Rome, Sistine chapel tour will lead us to magnificent villas which are within the city and even in the center. Villa Borghese — big park in English style. In the territory of a villa there is Gallery to Borghese, national gallery a villa Julia, a zoological museum, a zoo, the Botanical garden and the lake with the island.

    The Roman villas are constructed according to architectural traditions when the art subtlety of execution was harmoniously combined with a surrounding landscape.

    Thanks to Sightseeing tour Rome and the Vatican museums tour it is possible to see the best in this beautiful city!

    Not to waste time, to save forces, feet, money.

    Trips to the Eternal city with excursions and a sightseeing can be combined with trips at the sea.

    In Rome it is also possible to rent the apartment or apartments by the day or for the long period for every taste and a purse.

    The Sightseeing tour Rome, Private guide in Rome will help to pick up to you housing, to organize a transfer, to provide information.

    Rome — is magnificent, huge, diverse!

    Guide in Rome, Vatican museums tour, Sistine chapel tour, Sightseeing tour Rome give the chance to see the Eternal city in all its beauty!