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Dec 5, 2008
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Mar 22, 1960 (Age: 57)
Wiltshire, UK

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Well-Known Member, Male, 57, from Wiltshire, UK

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Aug 18, 2017 at 2:23 AM
    1. Geedee
      We're leaving the hotel at 08:30 so should be there shortly before 9, then its set everything up (px, boundary ropes etc) then sit back and meet the public :-)
    2. T Bolt
      T Bolt
      Very cool Gary! We're leaving early so should be there before 9:00am when things start. See you then!
    3. Geedee
      Working on the assumption you can get here, I'll take you up into the front turret and bombardier stations and finish off in the cockpit. The top turret and sperry are out of bounds unfortunately . The stories I've gotten from the vets we've met have been incredible ...point blank !!!. Looking forward to meeting you mate !.
      And don't forget to bring a camera !!!. Cheers dude
    4. T Bolt
      T Bolt
      I'm still on for Friday. I hope the weather holds out. My dad flew 24's during the war, first as a gunnery instructor, then combat as a flight engineer/top turret gunner with the 8th AF and then a bomb strike photographer with the 15th AF. His plane was hit by flack in Feb '45 and he bailed out and spent a few months as a guest of the Luftwaffe. He had hundreds of stories about the B-24.
    5. Geedee
      Hey man, that's great. Can't remember your connection with the '24....let me know and I'll see about getting you up in the cockpit before the flight if you'd like ?. Mate, she's a blast to fly in....loud, noisy, roomy, windy, cramped, all of 'em in fact !. I call it sensory overload :-)
    6. T Bolt
      T Bolt
      I'm signed up for the 11:30 flight Friday. My brother Kurt is also comming along and my wife will be there too, but not on the flight. Can't wait! See you then.
    7. Geedee
      Good man. Looking forward to a chat and catch-up over a coffee. and yup, I'll tell you all about it :-)
    8. T Bolt
      T Bolt
      A few things need to fall into place yet but I'm gonna try for this Friday. You'll have to tell me how you swung such a fantastic job!
    9. T Bolt
      T Bolt
      Hi Gary

      I heard from Dave (GrauGeist) That you were touring with the Collings Foundation this summer. My wife saw Witchcraft today as she was passing Chicago Executive Airport. (can't get use to that name, I still think of it as Palwaukee). It was too late for me to get up there today so I looked it up and saw it was the last day there, but I also saw that it will be in Kankakee the end of next week, so I think I'm gonna try to get a ride Friday. If you're still with them let me know, Maybe we can meet up.

    10. bromhead
    11. fubar57
      :occasion9: Happy B-day Gary
    12. Geedee
      Hi mate, no worries.
      Likewise, I only noticed this request today...wonder if its anything to do with the change to the new server and maybe a hiccup ?. whatever.

      Errrrr, actually, I dont think I've sent any requests because I feel too much of a newbie. But hey, as I've said worries and welcome aboard.
    13. Aaron Brooks Wolters
      Aaron Brooks Wolters
      I owe you an apology Gary. I had not received any notice of friend request until today when V2's came through so I brought it up and saw a bunch of others along with yours. I don't know when you sent it but I think I have returned it, I hope. Sorry.:oops:
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    Mar 22, 1960 (Age: 57)
    Wiltshire, UK
    Warbirds, Powerboating, Photography.
    Currently scratch building a full scale P-51 D cockpit





    My P-51D Cockpit Project

    Life's goal is not to arrive safely at the grave in a well preserved body. But rather to slide in sideways, totally worn out and broken, shouting "Holy cr*p, WHAT A RIDE !!"
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