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  • Hello Gecho !

    I am interested in getting informations about mr. Adj. av. Dumitru Ilie - IAR 81-C, Romanian Air Force, 6th group, who is my grandmother's brother.
    He was born in Visina-Veche, jud. Olt, Romania ,1913(?), and died in 1968 in his native village.
    After the war he lived in Cleveland, Ohio and worked at General Motors....
    I was too young when I met him before to die and his alive relatives didn't have informations about his activity as a pilot in WWII war.

    Thank you very much !

    Best regards,

    Cristian Teodorescu, Romania
    [email protected]
    Hi Gekho!

    I'm looking for everything (pictures,documents) from Miskolc region from the IIWW.
    Can you help me,please?

    Kind regards:
    Not to get too political but you may also want to mention that before the war started communists began burning churches and killing clergy. Those communists are never very understanding of what Marx refers to as the "Opiate of the people". By the way, I'm very interested in the planes and aces of that war. I just like to set the record straight as there's some confusion in the USA as to the history of communism.
    Hola Gekho
    Estoy haciendo dos 109s de la Escuadrilla Azul y quiero confirmar si los 190 eran A3 para hacer uno.
    Hola a todo el mundo. Soy un aficionado de la historia y la aviacion de combate. Actualmente estoy preparando mi propia pagina sobre la aviacion de la Guerra Civil Española, la II Guerra Mundial y demas conflictos del siglo XX. Tengo abundante informacion y muchas fotos, por lo que si quereis algo, no teneis mas que decirmelo y estare encantado de ayudaros.

    Hi everybody! I am a great fan of history and warplanes. Actually I am preparing my own web about the planes of the Spanish Civil War, the II World War and the others 20th century´s conflicts. I have a lot of information and pictures, so if you need something, just let me know and I would be very pleased to help you.
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