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    ghensgen, I saw a post of yours from 2007 asking about gun blisters and turrets on the YB-17s. My dad was a pilot and Group Nav Officer for 2d Bomb Grp Langley in 1937-1939, flying initial flights of the YB-17s, including the first intercontinental flight to Buenos Aires. The original group had fared-over ports where blisters would be, but no armament and smooth nose, no machine guns, etc. The first 12 units were "Service Test Models" (originally 13, but the first one cracked up, as I'm sure you know), hence not outfitted for action. Some of those 12 were later modified for various testing purposes and may have seen action. Dad's plane was #10, Col Bob Olds' flagship. It showed up in a movie filmed in California made to look like it was on a burning airfiled, sometime around 1943 or so. I've got some photos of the YBs in flight if you're interested. Luck!
    Jack Egan
    Kent WA
    [email protected]
    1/48 Lancaster Grand Slam Build - seeking info on machine YZ-S, PD112.

    Dear Fellow Members, I am seeking info or photos pertaining to this Grand Slam machine - particularly if the upper turret fairing area was painted camouflage or not after removal. I've seen photos of other grand slam aircraft where this area was still interior green, and not dark earth/dark green.

    Any insight you can provide is greatly appreciated. Will post pics of the finished product as soon as its done.

    Thanks so much
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