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  • It certainly was used, as was the the 109 D.... not very succesfully due to the lack of blind flying instruments in the cockpit! Indeed NJG 1 had these all black beasts!
    i will be trying to get as close to the photo you gave me as i can so the yellow will be in the top of the rudder the rest will be camo
    Yep..I have noticed it too.I think it is a remains of the Balkan campaign.There is also a possibility that the yellow paint was overpainted later with other colour of camouflage.But the yellow is still showing.Anyway what you will do it will be OK.
    Hi again,

    Of course it won't.But I have noticed the difference in last moment....I have found another nice profile and when going through a book I found that there was the same yellow marking.Anyway if you add that or not it doesn't matter.
    Ok...what about the engine nacelles? In a pic of the kt mould frame these look like the early ones?
    Are you going to make any corrections to the kit or not? And tell me please how the model fuselage end look like.I'm sure you noticed that some versions of Bf110 had the end a little bit longer and the was protruded behind the vertical stabiliser and elevator, looking from side view.
    Ok...I have had a look at the kit via the Net. Are you still going to follow an aircraft of the unit you chose earlier?

    No problem Mate.But first of all , please tell me what kit do you have, secondly what kind of camo you want to apply? Generally what is your idea of the MTO build?
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