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  • Hey Paul. Oshkosh is almost upon us. I will arrive in Oshkosh this Saturday by mid afternoon and will leave early on the 29th. You can get ahold of me throughout the week at 519-823-5105.....call or text.

    Hi, Micdrow. I bother you with a simple question: in the last times I am pretty tired of all those capital letters in my nicname. Is there any possibility of change my nic to Valengo without "killing" my account?. Thanks in advance!!.
    Afternoon Valengo, sorry I don't have that far of admin rights with the board. Try Wurger as he has more rights than I do. Best of luck

    Greetings Paul;Could I get some of the engine manuals made stickybefore they run of the page........ ?Thank You,Mike
    I have a wing of an airplane bombing and a gear bomber b-17fg
    Hey Micdrow

    I somehow managed to make a double post in the questions on kits decals and pilots section, inside compartments of the landing gear in a hellcat. I was wondering if you could delete it and is it possible for me to delete one if(when) I make a similar mistake in the future.
    Thank you

    Hi Razor,

    I will have to do some looking this weekend. If I find some I will post them in the Misc vechial thread for you.

    All the best
    Connected to the WW2 Mics. Vehicles thread...
    Might you be able to find info on Japanese IJA/IJN Trucks, in particular Starter Trucks?
    As I've only found one poor 3 view of a Toyota GB/KA and would like more material to learn GMAX with possibly to develope a static model for IL2 Pacific airfields. Thanks in advance for anything you could/cann legally provide.
    Hi Tomislav,

    Thats a hard question to answer, if you see no copy rights I dont think it will be a problem but not for sure. If you can find the book on Amazon then its probably copy writed and then could be a problem.

    All the best
    Hi, Micdrow,

    I've acquired a pdf of book titled 'Weapon of denial - Air power and battle of New Guinea'. Issued by 'Air force history and museum program' in 1995, intended for sale, but no copyright stated. Can I have it hosted here?

    Cheers, Tomislav
    Sorry Roman,

    Ive been trying to get a pc up for my wife the last couple of days. Son spilled hot chocolate on the lap top and well its a little more then dead.

    can you send me a copy of the geman technical aid to japan(not survey) because it will not load properly. I have a type 98,MG15 with a bakelite cover and was wondering if it was original. Looking for information on delievery info on tools and molds from germany to make this gun.

    Udo, its removed as well. Good luck though in your search because frankly Ive seen some of these manual on multiple web sites and thus how they end up here as well.
    Hello Micdrow,
    please also delete the following pdf-file from your list: Bf 109 F (27,25 MB; 368 views).
    It is definetily an illegal copy of a CD from my archive: LAH-CD-ROM-197-21,00 Euro.
    Everybody can order this CD, but he has to share my costs.
    Udo Hafner
    Luftfahrt-Archiv Hafner
    Hello, Marcel Albert died on the night from the 22th to the 23th in Harlingen, Texas. His score totalled 23 victories in 262 combat missions, making him the second highest-scoring French ace of World War II.

    I have no rights/no access to publish news. So please open them for me or post the sad new by yourself.

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