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May 21, 1983 (Age: 34)
South East Queensland
Workin' for the man....

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Well-Known Member, Male, 34, from South East Queensland

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Aug 12, 2017 at 11:26 PM
    1. blaxwood
      Hey mate ex-pusser here. Did 12 months at tross, blewing with birdies in Nowra.Wasn't until i joined Tobruk and had to be flight deck party that i actually made friends with a lot of them. My mrs is an ex 817 atv. Currently building ww2 european theatre 72 scale aircraft, but have built a sea-king for her and have just recieved shark 07 decals.
    2. Wayne Little
      Wayne Little
      Hey Andy, check out Hyperscales Plastic pics a 1/48 vengeance has been done there...

      Cheers Wayne
    3. Capt. Vick
      Capt. Vick
      Hey buddy,

      Would you do me a solid and drop back in on my thread "RAAF Vultee Vengeance Camo Question"? I have some new information there that I would like your learned opinion on.

      Thanks, Jim
    4. TonyC1317
      Hi Wildcat,

      I am after any information about the Vultee Vengeance flown by the 12th Sqd duing WWII. mainly after the correct marking for my fathers aircraft A27-217. As I would like to build a model to rmember my father.

      Cheers TonyC.
    5. bdonivan
      I want you to know that your "friend" LesofPrimus is a liar about who his grandfather is. I know this because I really am (one) of his grandsons, and his lies have been brought up to the owner of this website. William "Bill" Case was a humble, honest man with honor and integrity that this poser-wanna-be could never understand. Although he was a flying ace, you would have never known it if you knew the man; it was certainly not what defined him. While I do not want to belittle any of his enthusiasm of vintage military aircraft and modeling, his need to feel important by impersonating (a criminal act) a Case family member is deplorable.
      Brian Donivan
    6. diversdream
      Hey Mate - Hoping you can assist i am working on getting a profile done up for a Walrus from HMAS Sydney during late 1941 and a Seagull MK V 9 RAAF Sqd also 1941 as flown by F/O RB Barrey 407000 RAAF before joining and after joining HMAS Sydney.
      Were having trouble (both myself and artist) in finding details on Markings or paintwork on these Aircraft - have tried RAAF Museum and they said silver but not much else is known.
      Ditto AWM - I have the 2 Serial Numbers of both aircraft concerned via the 9 RAAF ORB but that's about it.

      The painting and profiles are to be part of a series that will feature HMAS Sydney 1941, HMAS Perth 1942, HMAS Krait 1943 and a copy of the 'Tiger' emblem on Ivan Lyons Back re Rimau. 4 Lancaster's (2 x 57 RAF Sqd 1944 and 2 x 617 RAF Sqd 1944-1945), 1 each Walrus and Seagull 1941.

      Anyway any advice or information etc would be useful

      - Stephen. Aussie
    7. Wildcat
      Thanks alot Dirk. It was a fun, easy build and one of my better efforts. Nothing like what some of the guys here produce though!! Looking forward to seeing your build mate. Cheers.
    8. dirkpitt289

      I was just reading through one of the threads here on the forum when I came across your Italeri 1:48 P-40N. Spectacular job. I will now have to go get one of these for my self. In 1/72 of course. Thanks for taking the time to share it with us.

    9. Wildcat
      Very cool Phil! Thanks for the pics mate. You did an outstanding job on that diorama, I would love to see it up close one day!
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    May 21, 1983 (Age: 34)
    South East Queensland
    Workin' for the man....
    Planes, Cricket, Movies, Military History