Forum rules

Rules of behavior for participating in the forum

The forum is a community and as with any community, we need to set some rules.

  1. NEVER disparage anyone's service to their country. Call him a putz, tell him he's full of crap, whatever. But insulting anyone's military service will be grounds for immediate banning. There will be no appeal.
  2. The administrators and moderators run a fairly tight ship. We do let some banter go on for a bit, but when any one of us tells you to settle down, just do it. Do not pick a fight with any one of them, because they stand pretty united, and you WILL lose.
  3. If you have a problem, question or beef, you can PM any one of us for assistance, if it is handled with respect.
  4. Disagreements will happen from time to time and some of these debates can get heated. The personal attacks are a sign that your facts or data are weak, or you are not doing a good job at expressing your point of view. This should not turn into insults and personal attacks. Warnings will be issued for infractions.
  5. If you decide to start a fight with someone, be prepared to take your licks. This is the World Wide Web, the new "old west" and it can get rough on the web at times. Don't be thin-skinned. We will watch for this kind of activity and do our best to tone it down before it gets out of hand, but mods/admins can not be everywhere, all the time.
  6. There is a no politics rule in place. The reason is that it always leads to personal attacks. Politics in regards to historical aspects is allowed for obvious reasons. What about WW2 is not political?

    Please however refrain from modern political discussion as necessary.

  7. The forum has a policy against selling items in public. We have had instances of scammers in the past. Also, this forum is not making a commission off of any sales. Please use Ebay or other sites for marketing and selling your items.
  8. We do not tolerate extremism, either left or right, denial of holocaust or other revisionist views.
  9. Any text or photos taken from another site that is not yours needs to be sourced, and cited. We're not able to monitor everything. Owners who claim their material is unrightfully used are invited to inform the moderator team.

Please take some time reading through some threads and get a feel for the place. Use the search function to look for threads of interest or if you have a question. There have been a lot of topics discussed here and some of your questions may already be answered. Plus reading through some of the threads will give you a better idea of who the people are and what subjects they know well.

Enjoy, have fun and be respectful. Any questions, feel free to ask.

The forum team