1. M

    Found a face need to identify

    I am an empath... I heard someone say I am here over here so I started snapping until the feeling stopped. The loved one felt scared he kept looking back, He was in a panic, he says I am always here, with an amazing giggle, he feels lost and unsure of what has happened. He is send a message of "...
  2. Thorlifter

    Lt Cmd Joe Langdell - Oldest survior of Arizona dies

    USS Arizona's oldest survivor dies at 100 RIP sir. :salute: Joe Langdell was working as a junior accountant in Boston when he got the idea that he should join the Navy and go to sea. It was 1940 and America edged closer every day to joining the war that raged in Europe. After proving...
  3. Thorlifter

    CAF offering warbird parts for sale

    Warbird Parts For Sale CAF Airbase Arizona has set up a reclaimed parts function to help repair operational aircraft or enhance static displays. These parts are now available for other CAF Units or independent organizations for purchase. Some items may be of value as museum display, such as...