1. manta22

    Middle East & Africa 1943

    In 1943 My Dad, Major C.C. Albaugh was ordered to conduct a study of the Army supply system for the Middle East and to report any problems he found to the Commanding General. He traveled aboard a ship in a convoy out of Charleston, SC to Khorremsharr and returned through Egypt, Kenya Colony...
  2. N

    Interested in WWII Convoy Flyover?

    I am not sure how many of you may be actual Warbird pilots, but I was inquiring to see if, as a pilot, you may be interested in flying over a WWII 29 vehicle convoy on September 19, 2009, in Adams County, PA (East of Gettysburg, PA) In our third year, our convoy of American and Canadian...
  3. Parting Company

    Parting Company

    Title: Parting Company Year Created: 2008 Medium: Oil on canvas Size Width: 70 cm Size Height: 50 cm Size Depth: 2 cm Theme: Marine Price: request price Description: This painting is of HMS Royal Sovereign one of five 'R' class battleships that served during both world...