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    US AAF propaganda film - The Fight for the Sky

    A propaganda film from the US AAF about the aerial war over western Europe. Plenty of combat footage, both air to air and ground strafing. Interestingly, mix some captured german footage of alarmstart and bomber a attacks. Some of the combat footage are pretty close strikes...
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    Goering and close escort

    Has anyone got any evidence to support the often repeated contention that it was Goering that ordered the Bf 109s of the various Jagdgeschwader on the Channel front to fly close escort for the bombers during what we Brits call the BoB? I can find evidence that he was concerned about mounting...
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    ju 87 used as a fighter

    I read hans book he was saying they used ju 87s without gun pod to escort the gun ones where they that maneuverable making hard to shoot at