1. MrB17F

    Heinkel He-111 “drooped ailerons”

    A question for the Heinkel He-111 experten. I have noticed in some photos, the ailerons on the He-111 seem to droop with the flaps down, most noticeable with full flaps in landing configuration. I am not having much luck finding any information about this. Both ailerons have a very long servo...
  2. A

    Bf 109E flap droop

    Hi all. Just a quick question-did the flaps on a Bf109E droop after the aircraft was parked? I've seen various photos, some with flaps up but others with flaps partially down, so would be interested to know if due to hydraulis pressure loss or some other reason, their flaps did droop after...
  3. net_sailor

    F-14A Tomcat Revell 1:144

    This is Revell's F-14 Tomcat in 1/144 scale. Nice little kit with great details and good fitting pieces. I sharpened the engine intakes and cut all moving surfaces: flaps, slots and elevators. Cockpit hood it's a Brengun vacu.
  4. W

    Effect of cooling/cowl flaps on speed

    I was just looking at this report and found an interesting table on the effect of cowl flap operation on speed. Cowl Flap PositionCowl Flap Opening (in)True Speed (mph)Speed Loss (mph) Closed0284- 1/4 Open1-5/82786 1/2 Open3-1/426420 3/4 Open4-7/824935 Wide Open6-1/223648 This is...