1. horseUSA


    The site will be down for maintenance this Friday 10AM Eastern time (UTC -5). Moving to new server Switching forum software to XenForo Proper HTTPS support Other tweaks and site cleanup Downtime to last a few hours There will be a Maintenance Page which will provide updates as...
  2. Aozora

    R.I.P Forum Member and Ace Spitfire Researcher Edgar Brooks:

    Sad to say guys, but long time forum member and a very highly regarded Spitfire researcher, Edgar Brooks, died a couple of days ago: Plane Talking - HyperScale's Aircraft Scale Model Discussion Forum:..... I'm sure we're all going to miss his knowledge and insight, and remember him as a...
  3. DerAdlerIstGelandet

    My apologies...

    Some of you may have read the thread and seen the comments where I let my emotions get the better of me. While I stand by my argument, I was wrong in allowing it to get out of hand. This forum is about the exchange of views and ideas and regardless of beliefs it should remain civil. Something...
  4. MiTasol

    Fleet Air Arm homing beacons

    Hope I got the most appropriate forum for this. It details the "homing beacon" used by Fleet Air Arm aircraft to find their way back to their carriers.
  5. buffnut453

    Anyone going to Virginia Beach tomorrow for the airshow?

    I'm dragging the family for tomorrow's show. Might be fun to meet up with any other forum members who are planning to attend.
  6. tomo pauk

    Stuff for Spielberg

    Learned via tank-net forum - the strangest battle:
  7. Airframes

    Where's that pic ?!

    Very recently, within the last week, someone posted a diagram showing a scale drawing of a Short Stirling, overlaid against similar drawings of the Lancaster and Halifax, in both plan and side elevation. I've searched all over the forum, sometimes in unlikely places, and even looked under the...
  8. M

    Need HELP on if this is a P-38 part???

    Hello I am new to this forum and was wondering if this may have been part of a P-38J?
  9. GrauGeist

    Our member, RedBeard has passed away

    I have just learned that on New Year's Eve, RedBeard (Ryan) passed away after a long battle with medical problems. He was only 46 years old. He enjoyed the forum, but wasn't able to participate much in the past several years. Although he would check up on us as a guest when he was able...
  10. L

    Jagerblatt 1976 number 6

    Hello, I am looking for some help regarding jagerblatt number 6. in this number there was a reprint of a newspaper artikel regarding Rudolf Sigmund getting the Knights cross. I am looking for this artikel for a pretty long time, i hope someone on this forum has this number, and would be...
  11. C

    Michael Maltby?

    I have joined this site on behalf of my 83 year old father (who has only just mastered sending emails, and would be absolutely confused on how to post in a forum). Yesterday morning I stumbled across this forum completely by accident (or perhaps by fate) when I was searching online for...
  12. GrauGeist

    Interesting Forum Statistics

    A while back, I accidently came across this page and then forgot how I got there, well, I found it again! This page contains forum statistics in regards to "hottest threads", "likes", "bacon" and more. It's pretty interesting to see what thread is the most active or which thread has the...
  13. M

    Hello all - Newbie here. How do I go about buying ad space?

    I am about to put my WWII thriller out on Amazon, and seeing that the main protagonist is a pilot, and there are lots of planes and a dogfight in it, I thought you guys might be interested. I don't want to step on any toes though - could an admin or moderator contact me and let me know what the...
  14. GrauGeist

    WW2Aircraft Site Evolution

    With some of the recent changes, came the issue of "site appearance". Some of the folks here are newer members and perhaps haven't had the opportunity to see the changes over the years. Myself, I've only been a member since 2008, but I was a visitor long before I joined. So I thought it...