1. Clave

    Sikorsky CH-54

    The Sikorsky CH-54 was a large heavy lift helicopter introduced in 1962 for the US Army as a ‘sky crane’ for moving heavy loads in difficult terrain. The CH-54 was capable of carrying modular troop accommodation units, and other bulky cargo up to 20,000 lb (9.000 Kg) The CH-54 was developed...


    With a heavy heart I've just learned that Mike Mangold was killed flying his L39 today at Apple Valley CA. I had an up and down relationship with him but he was a friend and mentor. Blue Skies Mike! Say hello to Bob and Doug for me! :cry:
  3. gjs238

    Were the MG17 and MG42 too heavy for the SAW role?

    Weren't they more GPMG?
  4. W

    Do-215 B5 as a heavy fighter/strafer

    Looking at the armament of the Do-215 B5 it had a pretty heavy forward firing gun package: Dornier Do 215 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Without the IR gear could it have fitted more guns? Regardless would seem to have been as heavy an armament as the Bf110 and heavier than the Ju88C...
  5. johnbr

    Marton XV-01

    In 1943 the Marton XV-01 was developed as a heavy fighter. The twin-boomed tricycle gear design was designed to use two DB 605 engines, one tractor and one pusher. It was to be armed with a 30mm engine-mounted cannon, two heavy machine guns in the cowling, and additional cannons in the wing...
  6. Vincenzo

    WW2 (quick) heavy howitzer, your choice

    following the light field howitzer race, here that for the heavy howitzer my proposal for the requirements: actually fire in combat in WW2 shell 90 kg or heavier time to ready max 1 hour max range 12 km or more
  7. Russian KW tank

    Russian KW tank

    Russian KW heavy tank. source unknown.