p-61 black widow

  1. Dronescapes

    P-61 Black Widow, The First American Night Fighter

    P-61 Black Widow, The First American Night Fighter https://youtube.com/watch?v=a0b2NECF64E&si=49QNmZLmrD1ZNTkk
  2. fritzthefox

    Fantastic Flying Tales

    Fantastic Flying Tales is a 70-page softcover book containing eleven illustrated stories of aviation adventure. Eight of them are true. Two are historical fiction based on true events. One is arguably nonsense, but pretty funny. They are ALL lavishly illustrated, unusual and entertaining. This...
  3. Snautzer01

    CBI 80th Air Depot Panagarh, India

    The daily work of keeping airplanes in the air by taking apart war weary ones and warehousing the ones that could be needed later on. Not often one comes across such a large number of pictures all taken at Panagarh wich depicts the scale of this operation very nicely. Note the P-61 Black Widow...