1. Supermarine-SpitfireMkXIV

    Which aircraft was the better Russian bomber?

    I think the tu-2 was better Crews were universally happy with their Tupolevs. Pilots could maneuver the aircraft like a fighter, it could survive heavy damage, and it was fast. The Tu-2 remained in service in the USSR until 1950. Source : Tupolev Tu-2 - Wikipedia
  2. Dimlee

    Petlyakov Pe-2/one engine flight

    Valid question of Schweik in another thread about ability of Petlyakov Pe-2 bomber to fly with one engine down. Best Allied medium bomber 1942-1943 besides the Mosquito I searched through Russian language sources to find more information. Let me present results of my findings in two parts...
  3. S

    Best Allied medium bomber 1942-1943 besides the Mosquito

    For sake of concision, I'm limiting this to twin engine bombers which were produced in some numbers (at least a few hundred) and saw action in 1942 and 1943. And not the Mosquito because we already know that is the best. The best bomber for purposes of the poll is one which can best: Reach the...
  4. P

    The best Russian bomber?

    The link below provides a collection of photos, including some rare showing planes captured by the Germans with Finnish markings. Do you agree with the statement that the Petlyakov Pe-2 was the best light bomber of World War II? Visit the link, see the photos and give your opinion...
  5. W

    Pe-2 manuals?

    Does anyone have any Pe-2 manuals?
  6. destrozas

    **** FINISHED: 1/72 Petlyakov Pe-2 - Winter War / Eastern Front WWII

    User Name: destrozas Name: sergio Category: intermediate Kit: bylek Pe-2 nº919 Scale: 1/72 accesories: cockpit scracth details profile my model