supermarine spitfire mk1

  1. Tomato Eins

    Tomato Eins Productions

    Hi All, I thought I would share with you some short documentaries I've been working on. I'm a young aviation enthusiast and have a huge passion for warbirds.I hope you enjoy and finding them interesting. More on the way so stay posted✈️✈️
  2. The Spitfire: History and Development

    The Spitfire: History and Development

    There is something special about a Spitfire. It holds a special place in history and is a truly remarkable fighter. It proved so decisive in changing the course of the war, but how did this plane come to be the one we know today? This short documentary aims to unveil the development and...
  3. Supermarine-SpitfireMkXIV

    Spitfire vs Hurricane

    During the BATTLE OF BRITAN! I take the Hurricane! They destroyed more German aircraft than all the other British aircraft and air defences combined!