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    Experimental Planes: The Tiltwing LTV XC-142

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    More Gloster VTOL Projects

    I looked farther into the Gloster VTOL project in my last thread and found there were a few more. Enjoy Gloster Aircraft Company experimental VTOL designs 1958-1961 - Album on Imgur My thoughts on it: The 1958 entry is really an outlier 497, 504, 505, and 507 are all fighters using Rolls-Royce...
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    Early VTOL aircraft based on Gloster Meteor T.7 (!)

    I found this... real or fake? Seems to be an experimental blueprint-only VTOL aircraft based on Gloster's Meteor T.7 two-seat trainer. Predates the Hawker P.1127 by a few months (although a lot uglier).