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    Looking for some footage of air to air battle night of 8/9 May 1944 in Wevelgem Belgium

    I am investigating the crash of Halifax LW 583 / QO-L of 432 Sqdr. that happened the night of 9 May 1944 in Wevelgem. On another website I found a list of Halifaxes that were taken down that night: At the end of the list there is a reference to a Film. I assume that this is a reference to...
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    Help Needed Do identify some parts at the crash site R.A.F. Boston III

    Hello, My adventure to investigate the crash of R.A.F Z2157 Boston III at Wevelgem continues. Thanks to a book by Etienne Vanackere, I was able to find some pictures of the crash place. During the investigation of these pictures, I found something interesting in one of the pictures in the right...