1/32 Revell BF-110 G4 WIP

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Hello fellows.

I want to share with you the advance that this project presents till this day.

To be honest with you, I´ve always loved the design of this kite. Made several versions around the years, but this time I found this 1/32 baby in a scale store in Texas. The only missing pieces were the pilot, the tech officer and the gunner. Even so I decided to continue with this project. In the same store I found some 1/32 pilots and decided to proceed with the purchase.

Revell BF-110G.jpg

I also always liked building several models with pieces of styrene sheets and after reviewing the pieces of the plane, I decided to continue with the project. In particular this Bf-110g model lack a lot of details in the cockpit, as well as several details in its surfaces. Since young I´ve been fascinated regarding the WWII Luftwaffe cockpits with all its gadgets and colours. So after consideration it was decided that the plane was going to be finished with the crew onboard and the plane in a designed transparent display in order to present its attributes in a glance.

The challenge seemed reasonable.

First I decided to work in the cockpit in order to remember the hobby and to warm hands cause there has been several years since my last plane.......

The original gunner/radar operator seats were left untouched due that both figures (after presenting them in place) will not let the seats be visible and that was ok with me at the moment. Lot of scratch building in order to make the cockpit sport most of the original gadgets found here and there. Most of the ideas are based in the Squadron Walk Around BF-110G book.


Here they are some images of the cockpit as it was being constructed.....



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Thank you Crimea, and here are some more images of the progress.....

I think that it is worth to mention that almost all the rear and back instrument panels and the bodies of the components were made in different polyestirene and other plastic. Since quite some years I had the idea of using scale copies of the originals objects in some models. Here are the results of this experiment.....



Nice work and that will be a BIG plane to display when it is done. I got a thing for the Bf-110 also. Keep posting.
Nice work so far. I remember building this kit back in the late 1970's, and our own Jan (Lucky 13) very kindly sent me the 'C' version recently, which I'm looking forward to doing something with.
Hello again guys.

Here´s an photo update of the Bf advance.

As mentioned before, this model lack alot of detail both in its surfaces as well in the cockpit interior. So I decided to work with scratchbuilt pieces all over the cockpit. Then the pilot, the gunner and the radar operator were presented into position to later be positioned with super glue.

It was then decided that the pilot was going to wear a Luftwaffe helmet (later I will present some drawings of some pilots sporting helmets to night combat). One preference I have to position some elements prior to glue is the use of putty.

These images were taken before the fuselage bonding.

The vertical stabilizers contained in this model belonged to a prior version of the BF, not the one belonging to the G4 versions that are found everywhere, so I decided to update this areas adding styrene to the attack corners.

Then the lovely sanding process to almost the complete exterior surface of the plane. Some of the surface details were lost in the process, so the riveting and paneling works will now has to be applied everywhere. And the riveting is a new experience to me.....

And then the first loss. While drilling some case openings in the nose, one holding clamp got loose and the nose broke in several pieces as can be appreciated in the image....... It was a mess to figure out where these pieces had landed.... (I dont know about you, but in the area Im working in the house has several furniture that serves as an ideal hidding place to small pieces.... And find out that there were several other lost pieces of long time ago....)
Hello again everyone.

Here comes more resized images of the Bf advance.

As commented before, some pieces needed a severe sanding in several surfaces and a lot of detail got lost. In order to construct the plane as real as I can be found in the Squadron Walkaround series, I got several ABS, Styrene and other plastic sheets to comply with the G-4 night fighter version as accurate as possible.

This is another view of the reconstructed nose after being shattered by the drill.

kal 001.jpg

After the severe sanding in the lower body of the fuselage it was decided to proceed with the paneling works. There were applied to several areas some strips of ABS material in order to simulate the joints between the fuselage and the wings.

kal 03.jpg

In the lower images it can be appreciated better the paneling with the addition of several plates. Also it was decided to remove the bomb rack due that I read somewhere that several Nachtjagd pilots decided to remove this piece in order to improve somewhat the kite performance. Also it is relevant to mention that I have a fixation with the BF-110 with a shark mouth, and when I found out that there were several squadrons sporting this elements, it was decided to proceed with the idea of getting some decals of the proper geshwader.

kal 01.jpg

kal 05.jpg

Here can be appreciated the view of the armoured plating in frontof the cockpit that had to be acomodated in paralel with the main windshield. Then it was decided to begin also with the riveting works on the fuselage, as well with the wings.
kal 09.jpg

kal 06.jpg

kal 07.jpg

kal 010.jpg

Also after reviewing the radiator details, it was decided to proceed with the installation of the elements that are presented in the BF-110 in the Walkaround book.
kal 011.jpg

kal 012.jpg
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