1/32 Vought F4U-1A Corsair Bubbletop.

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Thanks for stopping by and taking interest folks. Progress to date, the big decals are on.

The were Ventura decals which are ultra thin and if not places correctly, its the devils own trying to reposition the, I also forgot to brush them with some Liquid Decal Film, consequently the first decal applied was somewhat bothersome and did fracture and as a result I've had to do a bit of patchwork.

The outer wings have only been placed for the photo shoot.
20240704 1.JPG

20240704 2.JPG

20240704 3.JPG

These are all the detail decals which I'll hopefully make a start on tomorrow.
20240704 4.JPG

:lol: :lol:
Thanks for calling in guys and for the kind comments. I have been beavering away in fits and starts over these past few days, lots of fiddly work. some hiccups and were almost done. Just a couple of things to sort out and add on and she will be done.

I was hunting on the net a couple of days back and came across these two pics.
20231016 7.jpg

20231016 8.jpg

From these and another I found of the assumedly surplus F4Us assembled in a paddock, I deduced that not only was my subject a bit of a mucky machine but that it seemed to lack all those little instructions they like to plaster all over the airframe. So in placing many of these minute warning or instruction decals, I was very selective and as a result only did a few, my reasoning being that this machine was shipped aboard "USS Grand Masa" in July 1944 arriving in Espiritu Santo mid August 1944 where it was assembled and then sent onto it's first squadron on the 2 October 1944. These aircraft would have been assembled, sprayed the New Zealand blue and in the interests of expediency, possibly many of the instruction marking would have been covered. That's my reasoning.

So to the current pics:
20240709 1.JPG

20240709 2.JPG

20240709 3.JPG
20240709 4.JPG

20240709 5.JPG

20240709 6.JPG

20240709 7.JPG

20240709 8.JPG

20240709 9.JPG

Thanks for looking in. :lol: :lol:
Hate doing the end bits, something always breaks or just wont fit right and I hate doing the last bit..................the aerial, it's enough to give me palpitations. :lol: :lol:
I'm calling this big feller done. It was a fun build with very few problems with regard to instructions or part fit but then again it was big so much easier to play with with my hamfisted bungling.

My sincere thanks to all for showing interest and being kind with your comments. Such word are always appreciated. So to the final pics shown at random as it's not a competition build.

20240713 1.JPG

20240713 2.JPG

20240713 3.JPG

20240713 4.JPG

20240713 5.JPG

20240713 6.JPG

20240713 7.JPG

20240713 8.JPG

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