1/48 B-24D Ploesti Raid Decals

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Feb 17, 2014
I've got a 1/48 Revell/Monogram B-24D that is on my list for my first shot at modelling a bigger plane. I've loved the B-24 ever since I read "Log of the Liberators" almost 45 years ago and was particularly fascinated by the Ploesti raid (Operation Tidal Wave, 1943). Long story short I'd like to build my B-24 as one of the planes that took part in the raid...I'm not wedded to any particular plane...just one that took part.

I've looked online (eBay, Amazon, and a more general Google search) for decals and there seem to be quite a few sets for the squadron that was based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, but that's all I've found available. While one of those sets is probably perfectly fine, I just wanted to see if anyone here knew of another set that might be available...maybe from a smaller vendor or some other source that's not necessarily going to show up on the first few pages of a Google search.
OK, my friend here is what I've found...


If you want both sheets at.......:eek: 50$.....Aeromaster 48-114 48-115 Ploesti Raiders Pt.1 & 2 Decal Sheets OOP | eBay

48-115....33$....Aeromaster 1/48 Consolidated B24D Liberator (Ploesti Raiders) Pt.2 | eBay

You could also put the word out to other model sites, the Monogram Pro-Modeller kit had Ploesti decals in it and someone may have substituted those for an after-market set
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Debden, England, Late 1944 – early 1945.


PYN-up B-24 Ploesti Heroes #1. Of the many, many famous Liberators that participated in the famous low level bombing mission against the oil refineries at Ploesti, Romania, one of the most famous (or infamously maligned) was Lt Brian W. Flavelle’s B-24D-70-CO "Wongo Wongo" from the 513 BS/376 BG. Wongo and her crew are fully entitled to be called "Ploesti Heroes" even though they did not make it to Ploesti. It was the lead aircraft of the second section in the 376th Bomb Group formation enroute to Ploesti. The victim of a significant historical inaccuracy (some would say cover up), the less than expected results of the first wave of B-24s at Ploesti was attributed at the time by the Air Force to the loss of this crew, which was purported to the the "lead plane" carrying the "lead navigator." For unknown reasons, just short of the island of Corfu south of the east coast of Greece, Wongo stalled, then dove into the sea and exploded. Although the historical record shows Flavelle and his young navigator were the LEADs for the entire formation and therefore caused the various screw-ups that occurred later, this has been thoroughly debunked by both Colonels Keith Compton (376th commander) and John Kane (98th commander) in later years. In a 2000 interview, Compton clearly stated he flew the mission lead plane with Brigadier General Uzal Ent, the mission commander, aboard, and that he in fact led the entire mission under General Ent’s orders. The full story of this pathetic episode is told in the instruction sheet. The second Ploesti hero is B-24D-65-CO, 566 BS 389 BG, "Fightin’ Sam," flown by Capt Tom Conroy. "Sam" was nearly brand-new ship when the Ploesti mission occurred, and this decal set allows you to model it as flown to Ploesti and with several major versions of later markings.
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Awesome! I knew you guys would have the info. Thank you. I’ll let you know which I end up with. I like that last site since I also have a B-17G and B-29 I picked up from my brother (hey LUB!!).
Okay...this is where the modeling bug starts running amok. I know that the air defenses at Ploesti included Bf-109s, Bf-110s, and IAR-80s. Can you point me to a good source for which units were stationed there and which models they flew? I did find that there were Bf-109G2s at least. I’d be interested in modeling the defenders as well as the B-24. Some color plates would be a big bonus.
1/Jg.4, possibly F-4, W. Steinmann shot down two B-24s.
I watched a video on the raid. Steinman was mentioned...though not his unit. He was shot down himself at Ploesti.

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