1/48 Fw 190A-8 Eduard 1/48 scale

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Nov 22, 2009
The Jungles of Canada
Decals graciously supplied by Bill N4521U N4521U





Got a bit of a start before the game and almost gave up. Try as I might I could not get Parts J43/44 to fit into slot 2 even with filing. The back of the parts have a small nub that fit into slots. I ended up cutting the bendy tabs and slowly sanded so the parts fit flush with the console


The fit of the rudder pedals is not good, they sit too flat. This is the way Eduard designed this. There is a small nub on a very small mounting point that fits into a small hole in the centre of the pedal and the angle is wrong. I think Eduard placed the centre hole in the wrong place. Probably won't see much when everything is buttoned up....I hope


The real deal is more upright and the hole isn't blocked

Thanks guys. Before I continue with the cockpit I'm working on a few of the well know problem areas of Eduards early release 190s, mainly the wing gun hatches and the cowling panels in the closed position. Started on the left wing hatch; I figure its better to try get a good fit before I glue the wing halves together. As well as the above issues, here are a few others. I've already started on the wing spar area


Right now I'm looking for a decent photo of how snug the wing hatches fit to the wing

EDIT: just found this, not very snug unless the museum is sloppy. This is the stage I'm at now on the left side. Not other panel fits as well

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Innards sprayed. Anyone have a clear pic or how the shoulder harnesses attach behind the seat? I've only seen two grainy photos. One looks like they attach to the rear of the seat back and the other looks like it attaches to the bulkhead wall behind the seat

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