1/48 Hasegawa F6F-3 Hellcat E. A. Valencia

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Jan 18, 2011
F6F-3 Hellcat VF-9, February 1944 flown by E. A. Valencia finally finished.
Lot of work with this model but I enjoyed it... More simple to make surgery for resin parts on this Hasegawa Hellcat than try to refine wings on the Airfix Hurricane I 🙃:rolleyes::shock::lol:
The modifications on this build:
- Ignition wires added
- Landing light under the left wing filled
- Access panel for HDI filled (right side of the fuselage behind the rear vision window)
- Gunsight (Camera) and its access panel filled on the right wing (present only on the left wing)
- Brake lines added
- Eduard resin wheels
- Eduard photo-etched cockpit
- Exhaust stacks drilled
- KMC control surfaces
- Tail wheel strut drilled
- Main landing gear modified: torque links drilled and shifted a little to the down
- Recognition lights repositionned: shifted a couple to the rear
- Eduard sliding canopy
- Gunsight modified to a Mk.VIII
Now, all of my time to work on the P-47D :)
Wow that's one gorgeous Hellcat you got there! Is the screen inside the chin intake an add-on or part of the original kit? Either way it's a very nice touch!

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