1/72 Bf 109E-4 - Your Favorite Aircraft of All Time GB

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Aug 1, 2011
First Name: Igor
Scale: 1/72 Kit (its kinda like 2 kits melded into one)
Manufacturer: Tamiya
Model Type: Bf-109E4

Details: The 109 was the first real kit I did most of my assembly with at like 8 or 9 (without dad's help, we used to do tons of kits when I was a child but the 109 I wanted to do alone), and I had a impossible choice of choosing either Black 8(I beleive it was a matchbox kit I have the model here somewhere :D) from jg. 27 or yellow 65 a Romanian 109. I wanted to do the Jg 27 plane so bad that I promised myself I'd do that Romanian 109 later.

So 13-14 years later and here we are. I stepped into my local hobby shop and found this kit at 9 bucks, someone butchered the previous decals of the aircraft and a couple other things (1 wing part was missing, canopy was trashed and a couple other pieces missing) I purchased it and took it back home. I have a Tamiya Bf-109 E4/7 kit that I purchased from ebay a while back with some parts missing. So If its ok with the judges I combined both into 1 kit (there the same kit so I hope it isn't a issue :D modifications from one damaged Bf-109 to another were common in the field?)

The history I'll have to look up later since 3 days of annoying Imalko (Igor)about Yugoslav aircraft and Wurger about Fw-190s have left me tired :D BIG thanks to both of them :)



The pics are from the net I hope I didn't break any copyright stuff :S
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Aug 1, 2011
Ok So getting rid of some of the parts I don't need from one kit and shoving them into my parts bin heres the work done so far on the aircraft by just combining the parts
I needed from both kits, in essence just making 1 kit out of 2:
The box :O

Whats left of the sprue

1 fuselage half from 1 kit, 1 from the spare.

The wing section glued, I took 1 wing half top section from the spare kit. Since the original was missing a top half wing.

So far 12 bucks isn't bad for 2 Tamiya spare kits :D Its certainly cheaper than getting a new Tam. kit. :)

Triming excess stuff off the wings and removing the bomb rack was a bit tricky I almost took most of the lower wing off but I think it turned out fine,
tomorrow putty and it should look just like a fighter again.

Vic Balshaw

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Jul 20, 2009
A nice little selection Igor, should have a couple of members hearts pounding on this one.


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Aug 1, 2011
Some history:

Yellow 65 was flown by Ioan Galea, 12 confirmed kills (some sites say 10) and 2 probables. Very little history is present on the pilot. Mostly it recounts the exploits of
combat over Romanian, he loved his dog Gill, who tallied 47 missions in the cockpit of his owners cockpit. (is this a story, or is this actual fact? not really sure so I'll say unconfirmed even if I have seen this statement on a couple other sites) The aircraft Yellow 65 was the last remaining Bf-109E to enter service with the ARR.


I had planed to do a prestine 109, but looking at the photo I'm glad I get to do a lot of weathering to it, what is the stuff around the Yellow 65, it almost looks like silvering lol :D?

Anyway Some progress couldn't sleep this morning so I painted!:


First a base coat of Tamiya RLM Grey, later I'll add some mixes of that original grey to shade it and make the cockpit worn.


For the wings I base pre-shade it with a non-diluted black, it gets into the recesses nicely and highlights the aircraft's lines better. After letting this dry I'll whipe the black off with some thinner, leaving only the recesses with the black paint. RLM Grey for the wheel wells and later some shading and washes to make it appear dirty. Also of note, I took off the bomb section from the middle part, thankfully whoever originally glued the rack used some really bad glue so it just poped off with a minor amount of force needed. I'll putty that area later and fill the gap.

P.S. I think I may have picked up a re-issue of the tamiya kit the other day. Anyway using up both kits to make 1 kit is great. The molding is almost the same so construction is a lot easier, very little conversion is needed to the parts.


Dec 17, 2007
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Yep, good stuff mate.

The Tamiya rear fuselage is a little short and underdimensioned (like the Hasegawa and MPM offerings). The Matchbox and ICM kits are correct though, so if your other kit is a Matchbox you've got an ideal tail swap item.

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