1/72 Stinson/Vultee L-1 Vigilant - Jet/Recon/Transport GB

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charles I feel great, I have a big problem at the time of writing that I always end up leaving a word in Spanish, not long ago used the English and am very rusty and I'm level, and too often do not reread what I write I want to get more time than I have and these things happen, thanks again and forgive charles try to be more aware of what I write
I have not seen that mold but it sounds interesting
thanks fellas.

work as I envision it more expensive than laborious as each step is slow, but slowly running out the work.

wings are almost completely fixed, and stand on their tube solasy although that will solve a major spill based sanding'm pretty happy how it's going.

in the first pic you can see a wing still not fixed in position while the other is already in place


in the second image you can see that the wing "sagging" even that is attached to the "beam" is still shaping the latter, to the right is almost finished and left the finished


these weeks keep working the placement of the wings and finish placing the rest of the "beams"
Thank you.

if you like as it was this afternoon I'll put more pictures the holding structure of the wings and I have finished it dry thoroughly to avoid taking off, you're almost to start painting the inside and make the glass panels

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