109 Spit and Hurri Video

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Feb 25, 2006
Paris Ontario
Mr. Russell's air craft in action June 2005

Cheers Dave C


  • freindly_foes_take_off_and_formation_142.wmv
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his airshow this year is the 9/10 june I drive by his hangers twice a day and and haven't seen the doors open yet this year but it looks like he is improving the rwy also his a/c will be at the Geneseo Air show this year which is probably the best airshow for vintage a/c in the North east the last time iwas there they had a formation of 5 B17 the lanc and 2 B24 also a formation of 26 t6s this year promises to be just as good its run off agrass strip no heavy metal except for fly bys its a real good place to kick the tires this year looks good as well its about a 40 minute drive from rochester and 3 hours from toronto

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