120mm mortars. 100 year newer technology makes a difference!

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    Mittlerer 17cm Minenwerfer Weapon normally employed by German Pioneer
    German Medium and Heavy Mortars during WW1
    Weight: 525 kg
    Weight of shell: 54,5 kg
    Range of fire: 768 m (a/A) or 1160 m (n/A)

    USMC 120mm Mortar.
    Artillery: Perfecting The 120mm Mortar
    Weight: 818 kg
    Range of fire:
    .....8.2 km. Normal shell
    .....17 km. Rocket assisted shell.
    Weight of shell: ?? (supposedly half of 155mm shell which weighs 44 kg)
    20 meter accuracy. These are guided shells.

    Not a perfect comparison as I am not aware of a WWI era 120mm mortar. However I think a WWI era pioneer would be astounded at the advance in mortar technology.

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